If you get nervous at the thought of escalating, and taking things in a sexual direction with a woman then you’ll want to pay close attention to my Alpha Sexual Power review.

This is a subject that’s very personal to me, because I was always “that guy” who got stuck in the “just friends” zone.

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I always thought that I had “a shot” with a girl…

But then I’d just F it up and we’d end up being “friends” because I couldn’t ever make things happen…

And she’d go bang some other guys who could make it happen… which sucks.

The worst part is when you watch a girl go from being all flirty and into you  to just looking at you with utter pity… because you got all flustered and started stammering…

All that rejection can make a guy feel like just giving up…

But you KNOW that you can’t give up on women…

Because a life without beautiful women is like a damn prison!

This is where Alpha Sexual Power comes in…

The question is how to stop making these mistakes that kill attraction and start showing women confidence, SEXUAL confidence?

Well, that’s exactly why Carlos made Alpha Sexual Power

If you are on this page, then you should already know Carlos. He is the absolute MAN when it comes to teaching about confidence and inner game.

The thing I like the best about his teachings and programs is that he never teaches you any stupid juvenile tricks. Everything Carlos teaches is about how to become the man that women naturally want to be with, the Alpha Man. And everything he teaches you is based on years of research and, more important actually PROVEN to work.

So what about this program? Here’s a breakdown…

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Alpha Sexual Power, What You’ll Learn:

Alpha Sexual Power covers a lot of ground. It was supposed to be a seminar, so there are actually almost 30 hours of audio and video content, plus EBooks and mind maps. That is an insane amount of content!

You could watch it for a full day and there would still be more. So if there is anything that is going to help you become a sexually confident man who can escalate, trust me it’s in this program…

Obviously I can’t explain to you what is in every video and audio module of this program. But what you probably want to know is does it work? And what are the basic concepts…

The basic concept is (like I mentioned) that men are not sexually confident enough, and that causes them to act nervous around women because they don’t believe that they have what it takes to make her happy and make it happen. Women sense this and that kills the attraction…

So this program gives you the newest most in depth info available about how to:

  • Build up you sexual confidence
  • Understand the secrets of sexual psychology
  • Discover the sexual road map – from approaching her to getting her into the bedroom
  • Learn advanced sexual communication techniques
  • And be a sexual superman who rocks her world in the sack (This section is awesome, my favorite!)

It’s everything you need to get girl into you and take them to bed. point blank.

Plus there is a crazy amount of bonus videos from top experts like Joshua Pellicer, David Wygant, Jon Sinn, Scot Mckay, and even adult actresses to teach some advanced sex moves!

Alpha Sexual Power, The Bottom Line

This is, in my opinion the most comprehensive and best program you can get about escalating with women and getting laid.

Nothing else is really in the same league… at all.

It’s like getting a PHD in escalating and being a sexually confidant man, taught by the top professors in the world.

Plus… Carlos has a full YEAR guarantee that you will be happy!

Go To The Official Alpha Sexual Power Website

Hey everybody, I decided to review this little blog to take a look at the new Incredible Sex Video Series from Isabella Stone. This is a really cool series and I think that folks interested in Alpha Sexual Power will also be interested in learning about this program as well.

I don’t want to take up too much of your time. I am sure that you would rather be watching the hot adult actresses from Porn Star Sex Life teach you about how to give women powerful orgasms, rather than reading a review on the internet!

So let’s talk about what brought you here today…hot dvd "incredible sex series"

You probably heard about the Incredible Sex Video Series, but you are wondering, is this program really worthwhile and will it really turn me into some kind of sex god who women can’t get enough of?

Those are fair questions and I have got to say that when I first decided to check out this program I was pretty skeptical that it would actually live up to the claims that it made. BUT – I decided that I might as well give it a chance and check it out since I want to do whatever i can to satisfy my woman in the bedroom. She always takes care of me, and i want to be sure to return the favor :) (and that’s not to mention the fact that these sexual techniques are a hell of a lot of fun to put into action!)

So I got my copy of the program and here are my thoughts on it – and more importantly the results I got when I tried this stuff out on my girl!…

Initial Thoughts On This Series…

My initial thoughts when I watched the video series were that there was a lot of content. Seriously! I thought that this was something that I could sit down and watch before dinner, but there are hours and hours of video footage, and that’s before you even get to the bonus content.

It’s well recorded as you would expect and professionally done, and the information is all laid out in a very easy to understand way. It was very easy to watch and understand and I can say that I much prefer learning aboiut this stuff from sexy babes like Ryan Keely and Isabella Stone rather than from some dude who thinks that he is a sex god.

These girls seriously know what is up in the bedroom and it’s a pleasure to watch them. My only critism is that it could have been a bit MORE graphic… But that’s probably just cuz i’m a big old perv!

Incredible Sex Video Series RESULTS!

So once I had been through about 90% of the content in this program I just couldn’t take it any more and i had to try out this stuff on my girl.

I got pretty damn lucky with my current girlfriend as she is very sexually open and down to try new things with me. Trust me, that’s the kind of girl you want for a long term relationship otherwise you’ll get bored as hell!

Anyway, I tried out a lot of things from this program on her… And I don’t want to turn this into and erotic tale, but basically what I did was a secret fingered technique called “the butterfly method” and then another technique that actually made her squirt.

Yeah, she couldn’t believe what was happening to her and it was pretty amazing to watch her experience that. Then we did some stuff from the “Fetish And Advanced Rough Play” module and when we were done she was literally sobbing tears of joy.

And that was day one – so yeah, I highly recommend this program!

Get your copy of The Incredible Sex Video Series here

(Disclaimer: after writing such a personal review I wanted to add that i have no idea whether you will be able to experience these same results with this program. I have no idea and everybody is different, my girl is highly sexual and really got off on this stuff but i can’t guarantee that anything like that woiuld happen for you, k)


Carlos Xuma’s Alpha Sexual Power is hours from being released, and I’ll have a full Alpha Sexual Power review ready for you as soon as it’s released!

But first I wanted to take just a second to talk about this program and why I am personally Sooooo excited about it…

Sure, there have been other programs that have come out and talked about ‘escalation’… so it’s not like this is a new concept or anything like that.

The difference with Carlos Xuma’s Alpha Sexual Power is that it’s about how to escalate like a real Alpha Man… And this is very different than the way the knucklehead PUAs out there try to tell you to escalate.

Carlos Xuma’s Alpha Sexual Power, The Difference…

Carlos has been teaching this stuff to men around the world for years, and he is considered THE top expert out there on being an alpha man

Carlos realized that not being able to confidently escalate with women is one of the biggest problem that single guys face, so he created this program to be like a roadmap for guys… He wanted to teach us how to go from start to finish with a woman, without scaring her off or being the scared “nice guy” who never makes a move.

He created this program to show us how to get in that sweet-spot and not “flinch” and screw everything up…

I know that used to happen top me a lot…  I used to want to go bang my head against a wall because I didn’t know what I was doing wrong! ARRGHH! frustration man!

I used to try so hard and then when I though I was going to finally get somewhere it would all go wrong…

If you have ever been in a situation like that then I think that you are really going to like this program. If you saw the Freaky Chicks webinar then you know Carlos taught us about why guys hide their sexual attraction from women… and about all of the problems that this can cause.

If you saw that video then you understand the importance of sexual confidence… Well, this program is about about how to build your sexual confidence so that you can always escalate with women SMOOTHLY and never flich..

I’ll have that full Alpha Sexual Power review for you tomorrow… Until then as Carlos would say: “Stay Alpha!”


You saw the Freaky Chicks And Total D*cks Webinar Carlos Xuma just recorded, right?? If you didn’t sign up to watch that you must have lost your dang mind!

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The free presentation picks up where Carlos’ Shark Fin Soup Report left off… Exposing the truth about ‘Escalation’.

If you missed that free report, you should get it because inside Carlos teaches 6 secrets about escalation that I have never seen anyone else talk about. I had figured out a couple of them on my own, and they help A LOT for smooth escalation… So get that report!

Okay, so back to the Freaky Chicks and Total D*cks webinar video… So what are “freaky chicks”?

I think you know bro… Those fine as hell chicks that every man wants who like to… y’know, get freaky and get jiggy with it… Mamacita, mamatcita…

But seriously these are the girls that every guy wants, but for some reason they are just so hard to get with, every step of the way, sometimes it feels like you’ve got to jump through one hoop after another, over and over… and then when you think that you are finally gonna get somewhere with her it fizzles out, and you are back to square one.

Carlos has got an answer for this that he shares in the freaky chicks webinar… I can’t give it away because you’ve got to here it from the man himself, but for real, you’ll learn the one thing that gets rid of nervousness and can transform you overnight into an approach and escalate rockstar!

When you find out what this is (about 11 minutes into the video) you’ll be like “oh yeah that’d work” and seriously it does!

I don’t know how long Carlos is leaving this webinar online, but if it is still online you can watch it here, and download your free Escalation ‘Cheat-Sheet’ too…

Carlos is also releasing another video conclusion to the Freaky Chicks Webinar called Alpha Sexual Power coming out… I’ll have more on that soon, and a full Alpha Sexual Power review…

Watch freaky chicks now… Don’t sleep on this!


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